Sweet Cyperus Roghan Nagarmotha


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  • Headaches– lessens sensitivity of nerves to pain
    • Astringent-strengthens your gums and tighten muscles in the body
    • Cicatrisant– helps scars and other marks on your skin disappear
    • Digestive – the stimulating effect increases the secretion of digestive juice
    • Weight Reduction – reduces cellulite in the body
    • Acne – eliminates the effects that acne has
    • High Blood Pressure– by eliminating stress

Some Of The Uses  Are As Follows:

  • A few drop of Cypress Oil can be added to your lotions or diluted in the bath for arthritis, asthma, cellulite, cramps, diarrhea, sweaty feet, rheumatism, varicose veins, heavy menstruation and menopause.
  • Cypress Oil can be used as a cream base for varicose and broken veins.
    • Use a few drops of Cypress Essential Oil for clearing oily and congested skin.
  • For a Nosebleed add a few diluted drops on a cold compress. You will find this very effective.
  • For Foot Odor add a few drop of oil to a footbath.
  • Inhaling Cypress Oil will help with that annoying runny nose.
  • Adding a few drops of the Cypress Oil in bath water can remove fatigue and energize your mind and body.
  • Mix a little Cypress Oil in with your hand lotions for improving your skin tone and eliminate toxins.
  • Cypress oil is great for cleaning greasy hair and cleans the scalp without drying it out.

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