Phyllanthus (Hazar Dana)


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  • also known as
    Bhumy Amalaki
  • Scientific Name: Phyllanthus Niruri
  • ہزار دانہ

  • Helps In Restricting The Growth Of Hepatitis B
  • Useful In The Treatment Of Liver Diseases
  • Helps To Remedy Fatty Liver
  • Promotes Liver Action
  • Used In Urinary Tract Infections

Phyllanthus / Hazar Dana (ہزار دانہ) is a tropical plant that is found in coastal parts of the country. It is also known as Bhumy Amalaki, Stone-breaker and Seed under leaf. The plant is a relative of the spurges that belong to the Phyllanthus genus that belongs to the family of Phyllanthaceae. The Phyllanthus niruri is a weed that grows around 2 feet tall and has small leaves. These leaves are alternate and arranged in 2 rows. They are membranous and unusually thin with a glaucous under its surface. They are elliptical in shape and have a narrow base with 2 stipules. The flowers of the Phyllanthus niruri are small monoecious and are found in pairs. The entire plant of Phyllanthus niruri is used in medicinal preparations by herbalists.

Traditionally, Phyllanthus niruri has been used as a home remedy in many countries. Its curative properties are well known.

  1. It helps in restricting the growth of hepatitis B virus found in the blood stream.
  2. The herb is said to have antifungal, antiviral and hypoglycemic action.
  3. Aqueous extract of Phyllanthus niruri is reported to have inhibitory effect on human immunodeficiency virus.
  4. It is very useful in the treatment of liver diseases like jaundice and liver cirrhosis. It helps to remedy fatty liver and liver damage due to any reason. It promotes liver action.
  5. It is also said to be used in the case of anorexia.
  6. It is diuretic and hence is used in urinary tract infections and bacterial infections like cystitis and prostatitis.

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