Indian Cotton Seeds (Maghaz Panpa Dana)


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  • Scientific Name: Gossypium
  • مغزپنپہ دانہ
  • مغز پمبا دانہ

  • Help Induce Healthy Hair Growth
  • Help Reduce Inflammation
  • Help Normalize Blood Pressure
  • Help Promote Good Skin Health
  • Help Prevent The Growth Of Cancerous Cells

Indian Cotton seed / Maghaz Panpa Dana (مغزپنپہ دانہ) is anodyne, antidysenteric, antipyretic, aphrodisiac, demulcent, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, galactagogue, laxative, nervine tonic, refrigerant, spermatogenic, sweet and tonic. It is used as a nervine tonic in headaches and brain affections. It reduces menstrual bleeding and is useful in endometriosis, amenorrhoea and in the treatment of metrorrhagia specially when dependant on fibroids.

Also useful in dysentery, diarrhoea and also in the inflammation of the small intestines. It is of great value in sexual lassitude and increases milk flow of nursing mothers by increasing the secretory activity of the mammary gland. It also expels the placenta after birth.


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