Centella (Brahmi Booti)


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Centella (Brahmi Booti)

  • also known as
    Asiatic Pennywort, Indian Pennywort
  • Scientific Name: Centella Asiatica
  • برہمی بوٹی

  • Increases Memory
  • Improves Mood
  • Heals Wounds
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Improve The Health Of The Skin

Centella / Brahmi Booti (برہمی بوٹی) is a small, perennial herbaceous plant from the wetlands of Asia can have a number of remarkable effects on the body when prepared properly. This herb is also known by its scientific name, Centella asiatica.

Some of the most interesting health benefits of centella include its ability to speed wound healing, improve the health of the skin, boost cognition, soothe nervous disorders, treat respiratory issues, reduce toxicity, protect the heart, and heal the circulatory system.


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