Breckland Thyme (Ajwain Jungli)


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  • also known as
    Wild Thyme, Creeping Thyme
  • Scientific Name: Thymus Serpyllum
  • اجوائن جنگلی

  • Useful For Treating Nervous Problems
  • Useful For Treating Headaches
  • Used To Cure Bronchitis
  • Also Used In Oral Infections
  • Treat Minor Injuries Or Gum Infections

Breckland thyme/Ajwain Jungli (اجوائن جنگلی) also known as Wild Thyme, Creeping Thyme and Thymus Serpyllum, which belongs to the Lamiaceae family, is an evergreen plant with its tiny attractive flowers and small aromatic leaves. This plant is commonly used as a domestic remedy for its effectiveness on the digestive system and its antiseptic properties. It is used both as a spice and for healing purposes. It is popular among gardeners for its lemony and sweet aroma.

It is native to the drier regions of most European countries, where it grows as a perennial wild plant. This herbal plant has been used by humans since ancient times.

Health Benefits:

This plant is used throughout the year; either it is dried or distilled for the essential oil. An herbal tea is made from the leaves, which is useful for treating nervous problems, indigestion and headaches.

It has anthelmintic, antifungal, antioxidant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiseptic, carminative, diaphoretic, deodorant, disinfectant, sedative, and expectorant properties.

This plant is used to cure bronchitis, flatulent indigestion, oral infections, catarrh, hangovers and colic. It is also applied to treat minor injuries and mouth, throat or gum infections. A poultice made with breckland thyme is applied on the skin to relieve minor injuries and aches by creating moisture and heat.

Side Effects:

As far as allergic reactions are concerned, few individuals may experience skin irritation. Generally, it is not prescribed to pregnant women. Except for these, there are no known side effects of this plant.

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