Bitter Almond Oil- Badam Talkh Oil


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  • Kills Worms
    • Cures Earaches
    • Skin Care
    • Treats Wrinkles
    • Treats Spasms
    • Kills Bacteria
    • Sedative Effects
    • Diuretic
    • Inhibits Fungal Growth

Some Of The Uses :

Prevent Dandruff

Massaging into the roots can also help prevent dandruff

Cures Headache

Massaging into the roots cures Headache

Other Benefits

Application of very low concentration (very mild) mixtures with water on the skin and hair keeps them free from infections from germs, insects, and fungi


The Oil obtained from Bitter Almonds is highly Poisonus .
It is not recommended for internal use.if taken , it can cause loose motions and vomitting.
It is strictly prohibited during Pregnancy and Lactation.

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