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  • Fights Skin Diseases &Supports Skin Health
    • Strengthens Bones & Teeth
    • Excellent Aid for Respiratory Problem
    • Supports Reproductive Health
    • Treats Cancer
    • Cures Leucoderma

Some Of The Uses  Are As Follows:

Strengthens Bones

Babchi oil is a rich source of calcium and massaging your system with 5 drops of Babchi oil, 2 drops of Black Cumin oil along with 10ml of sesame oil can assist in strengthening your bones, enhance calcium in the system, help recover from dislocation of bones or fractures and boost women’s health in case of osteoporosis.

Aids In Strengthening Gum & Teeth

A cup of warm water with 1 drop of Babchi oil and 1 drop of Clove oil can work like a magic on your teeth, gums and mouth, when used as a gargle in the morning and night. This aids in strengthening your gums and teeth.

Treats Itching, Ringworms

Mix 2 drops of Babchi oil with 1 drop of Lavender oil, 1 drop of Orange oil along with 2.5 ml of Jojoba oil and applying it on the affected parts helps in treating itching, ringworm, scabies, skin eruptions, oedematous skin conditions.

Other Health Benefits

Babchi and its essential oil is also helpful in the treatment of Inflamed nodules, Diabetes, Urinary Tract Disorders, Kidney Problems, Cardiac Problems, Bleeding Disorders, Worm Infestation, Constipation, Anemia and Inflammation.

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